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Our Mission

Since 1980 we have made it our mission to insure Quality is guaranteed throughout all of our products.  We believe in selecting only the finest fabrics and insure that all of our work meets our customers expectations. 


Our Story

Blue Star Silk was founded in the New York Garment District in May of 1980 by Martin & Rosalie Stern long time veterans of the garment center. In 1985 they were joined by their nephew David. For over 40 Years, the top Fashion Houses, Garment companies in New York City, and all over the country have come to us for all their fabric needs. Engulfed in the history of the industry, Blue Star Silk has been a long time member of the community in which we call home. Here at Blue Star Silk, we value relationships and treat our clients as family. We promise to provide you with the highest quality products and services.

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